Safety Ways:

1. Do not share your phone number, home address, school address, etc. with strangers under any circumstances.

2. Do not add strangers as friends on social media like Facebook.

3. Do not allow children to browse the Internet in a separate room. It is a good idea to keep children’s computers in a common place.

4. Talk to your child about the Internet and security measures. What do they know about computers? Ask and find outMake. Spend some time on the internet with them. The reason is that most children do not have the proper warmth to move around

5. Monitor the websites your children visit. The website that the children were looking at when you visitedIf closed, notice immediately.

6. Refuse to invite strangers to meet you in person.

7. Do not forget that they may record you chatting with others.

8. Avoid face-to-face video chatting with strangers. That too is the recordIt can be done and spread on the Internet without your knowledge.

9. Do not share full details about yourself on the Internet. Mainly on Facebook.

10. Avoid sharing photos of children and women on the Internet. Also note that those photos can be turned into pornography by existing technologies.

11. Do not divulge your password to anyone other than your parents, Tom.

12. Look at the address of that page when making money transfers. Enter your cart details as http :: //Do not give. If modified https: // module may. https :: // is the safest way.

13. If you are facing any kind of cyber threats, Inform Cyber Crime Department or report through online cyber crime portal